Our primary partner: Autistic Art

Our primary partner: Autistic Art
December 11, 2014 Áron Balázs

Ever since 2010, Mosoly Otthon Foundation (the creator and owner of Autistic Art) discovered numerous extremely talented autistic creators, and involving artists, undertook the attendance and visual development of these talented artists. As a result, more than 1000 pieces of art were born and 2 countrywide-known exhibitions and 3 successful charity auctions were held, that aimed to improve the walk of life of people living with autism and to support the subsistence of their homes.

The main target audience of their activities is the young adults, who – being over 16, the school age – get out of the education system and they are not – or just partly – capable of living independently. These young people are taken into the big institutions for the handicapped or they remain “children forever” living together with their aging parents. The results achieved by the persistent and consistent development in their childhood will perish if they get out of the community: their social and communication skills will wither. Both are obligate solutions that cannot fulfill the special needs of autism: they finally get into psychiatry institutions.

In the same time, in proper physical and personal surroundings, with treatment taking notice of their capabilities, personalities, the difficulties in their behavior and integration can be reduced, and a significant improvement can be reached in their walk of life so that they can live a life worthy of a human. This recognition lead the founders of the foundation to support the subsistence and operation of the family-like autistic homes that are run by civilians and provide help for their attending activity.

For more information, check out the Autistic Art website: http://autisticart.eu